Biophilic house

Studio project with the purpose of creating a house with a

friend to investigate the underlying concepts of shared space. 

City and nature, are often thought of as polar opposite. With myself being from the country, and my friend being from the city our wants within a space became divided. BIOPHILIC HOUSE explores the relationship between nature, and people and the experiences created in the combined space –green space, airflow, light, and sound.

My goal of this project was to make a connection between nature and city, and create a middle ground.



As seen in the diagram, the designed space can be broken in three parts – green space, work, and family, with the experiences cast over the spaces.

The drawings show the movement of these experiences through each space, and how the experiences are divided between the work and family space separated as individual buildings – with airflow and the green roof being experienced from the workspace, and sound and light experiences from the family space.

As seen in the plans and section, a larger loft space is created in the family space above the kitchen, travelling upstairs to the bedrooms. Smaller spaces are also incorporated such as the mudroom, stairwell, and hallways.

In terms of the topography of the site, I decided to keep the work building more elevated to exaggerate the roof overhang it provides in viewing it from the family space, as well as providing more privacy from its surroundings.

Lastly, a material connection is made by utilizing thin walls, and tin roofs enhancing the sounds from the exterior.


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