Sir John Franklin Park East site:


Birch Bounce brings this charming memory of the great
outdoors into the city for all to enjoy. Park-goers can play in and
around the three hammocks, or simply recline for a nap or use
the spot for reading. Each hammock is to be made of a durable
polyester netting resistant to abrasions and weather. These are
hung between several “trees”, made from white aluminum
to ensure long term durability. The “trees” complement the
vibrancy of the netting in summer and fall, and retreat into the
snow in winter to give the illusion of floating surfaces.

Design competition by the Winnipeg Trails Association and Storefront Manitoba for two permanent benches challenging the concept of a ‘common’ bench along the Trans Canada Trail within two sites.

Northeast Pioneers Greenway site:


The design takes on the form of a stylized couch
constructed from traditional clay bricks, achieving a
minimalist aesthetic without losing the unmistakable
geometries of a couch. In doing so, the bench brings
the positive associations of the living room (comfort,
security, meaningful relationships) onto Northeast Pioneers
Greenway. Meanwhile, the use of brick celebrates the rich
industrial history associated with the Marconi Spur rail line.
However, the mass of the bricks is softened as the bench
seems to dissolve, as if being carried away by the prairie
winds. The result is a functional yet visually striking design
with low and stable seating that makes it highly accessible.
Use of standard clay bricks and structural mortar keeps
costs low, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Couches are for inside. Bricks are for buildings. These
assumptions, among others, are challenged by Dissolve,
which brings new meaning to the term ‘public-realm


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