Self ejecting plug


Academic project; Self Ejecting Plug


The goal was to make an everyday object more sustainable.



With future development, phone chargers will become more sustainable. Technological advancements have made it possible for new innovative sustainable approaches. When the phone reaches 100% the cable will self-eject. This is achieved by a built-in magnetic device that receives a signal from the phone and causes the plug to discharge from the outlet. The effects of this product will reduce costs, energy use, and environmental impacts, bettering the lives of humanity and the planet.


Magswitch 60 keychain ($5.75) will be used as the magnet, to propel the plug off the wall. A universal plug adaptor ($8.60) enables the charging cord ($2.30) to be used globally.


To keep production costs low, the Magswitch magnet, adaptor, charging cord, and production plant will be in China, with an average wage of $3.50, with 30 made per hour, bringing the average production cost to $16.77 per complete unit, with a market value of $34.99, bringing profit to $18.22 per unit.



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